Kel Troughton.
Type Designer.

In his words.

I like to think of type design as an extension of the roles that sign painters and scribes have played in previous times, using a different medium to do the same detail oriented craft of letterform design.”

Kel Troughton is a Type Designer in the Monotype Studio. Kel’s experience came from his time working as a hand-letterer, designing for signage, illustrations and logos. He is a graduate of the [email protected] West Certificate Program, and he studied graphic design at Cabrillo College.

Kel has an interest in graffiti, and he collects interesting printed pieces, type specimens, books and mid-century advertisements. When Kel is not working on type design for the Monotype Studio, he’s photographing interesting signs and graffiti, or spending time outdoors in Northern California where he bikes, hikes or visits the beach.

Kel Troughton