Meet the team.

The Monotype Studio hails from all corners of the globe. We design typefaces for the world’s most beloved brands, and have created some of this century’s most iconic and talked-about designs.

Jelle Bosma.

Jelle Bosma is a Senior Type Designer for Monotype. He joined the company in 1992 as the leader of the TrueType team, and since then, his role has evolved and influenced many aspects of the ever-changing type landscape.

Hendrik Weber.

Hendrik Weber is a creative director for Monotype, where he advises clients on custom fonts and how to leverage type in branding. He also created the Unitext typeface, a popular design created for a myriad of branding needs.

Kamal Mansour.

Kamal Mansour is a linguistic typographer for Monotype. Since the mid 1990s, Kamal has worked on the typography of many languages from around the globe. During that time, he has been involved in the development of the Unicode Standard, which enables the digital support of all the world’s languages. In addition, he has extensively developed code necessary for the correct typographic shaping of many complex writing systems.

Erica Carras.

Erica Carras is a type designer for Monotype. Erica fell in love with typography, when on an unexpected class trip to the Updike Collection while attending the Rhode Island School of Design. In that room she saw the history and variety of typographic design and asked “Do people still do this?” The next day she started drawing letters and has never stopped.

Emilios Theofanous.

Born in Cyprus, Monotype senior type designer Emilios Theofanous, has a soft spot for quality Greek and multilingual typography. Since joining Monotype, he has worked on multiple custom and Library projects. Prior joining Monotype, he collaborated with international foundries and contributed to large-scale projects such as Source Serif Greek Italic for Google Fonts and Adobe.

Carl Crossgrove.

Carl Crossgrove is a senior type designer at Monotype. From Carl’s early interest in calligraphy and drawing, through his youth and college years studying fine arts and book arts, to his eventual degree from Rochester Institute of Technology in Printing/Typography, the constant thread in Carl’s life has been his fascination with letterforms.

Akira Kobayashi.

Type director Akira Kobayashi has three decades of experience, with an extensive background in Japanese typeface design and a deep understanding of calligraphy. After studying at Musashino Art University in Tokyo for four years, Akira Kobayashi accepted his first job at phototypesetting manufacturer Sha-Ken Co., where he was involved in the lengthy and intricate process of designing Japanese fonts.

Toshi Omagari.

With a focus on multilingual typography, senior type designer Toshi Omagari has created fonts for several major brands and worked on some of Monotype’s most recent major type releases. He is a regular speaker at events like ATypI, sharing his experience and insights on multilingual type design.

Steve Matteson.

Steve Matteson is the creative type director for Monotype, and is a type designer, historian and letterpress printer. He has designed more than 80 typeface families including brand families for Toyota, Microsoft and Google, as well as for the Monotype Library, including a dozen revivals of Frederic Goudy’s typefaces.